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Walls are a sense of attraction that helps in keeping the home together. As far as the beauty is concerned, the colour, pattern and of course neatness of your walls play a vital role in transforming a house into a beautiful home. This is why keeping, maintaining and learning to keep the walls clean is necessary.

“Walls in your house are prone to dust, smudges, grease, finger marks and a lot more”

Cleaning out the walls yourself or taking maid services San Diego becomes a regular need especially if you have those little naughty ones with a dough in hand always at your home. Untidy walls may frustrate you while the clean and spotless walls may give you a wonderful feeling when you get back home. Unable to hire maid services every month? Stay focused towards learning the ultimate wall cleaning guide in order to have the job done by yourself!

Although walls are a vast area to clean, the step by step guide as provided by the professionals at kleankasa.com can help. Below is the guide one must follow;

Preparations for cleaning the walls

If you are the one planning to move out all the furniture this weekend and clean all your house walls, preparations for it is referred to as a vital step. First of all, before you move out the furniture, it is highly crucial to have enough space to fit the furniture timely. In order to let the water drops go absorbed, it is further crucial to have the towels properly set.

Things needed for preparations include:

  • 2 buckets
  • 1 long broom
  • Soft and abrasive sponges
  • Tidy cloth with the key feature for absorbent cloth.

Cleaning the dust and cobwebs

Prior to starting off with any other task for learning the guide, the first thing to do for cleaning the dust and the cobwebs is via using the long broom or grass broom. In order to wipe away the walls, it is further crucial to climb onto the ladder and clean it with the dusting rug.

Preparations of an effective cleaning solution

Rather than buying a readymade cleaning solution, it is healthier to choose to prepare a home cleaning effective solution. In order to do so, take water in a bucket and dissolve in a cup of cleaning solution. The cleaning solutions may vary from one to the other so our experts while offering maid services San Diego believe that it is better to keep in mind the wall type or the paint type done on the wall to not let the cleaning damage the solution. If you are not in favour of buying wall cleaning solution, it is further better to add mild detergent in water. To keep yourself on a safe side, it is recommended to always use the prepared solution at a small piece of hidden wall. Do not utilize it on the vast wall off your home until you are entirely satisfied.

Initiate from the bottom and then going upwards

Since the walls are dirty from top to bottom, it is advisable to go from bottom to top rather than from top to bottom. The main reason becomes the fact that when the cleaning takes place from top to bottom, all the dirt runs down the wall, thereby letting the stains dry up. The second bucket full of water must be kept ready in order to clean the solution with the sponge before it dries out completely. The sponge can assist in soaking the excessively soapy water.

Blotting- the final step

As per the final step, just take a clean cloth and blot the areas where excess dampness can be seen. If the cloth itself gets excessively damp, choose to take another piece of dry cloth and continue the cleaning.

DIY cleaning of walls is not really any difficult task. All that needs to care about is the paint on the wall. One needs to be careful when cleaning via rubbing that excess paint do not wipe away. In addition, it is crucial to be sure about the walls being dust-free. What tips are you using to clean up your walls? Don’t hesitate sharing with us!

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