Step by step guide to oven cleaning

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Ovens are referred to as one of the major equipment found in the kitchen and just like every other things, it needs to be cleaned. A majority of home owners distance themselves away from cleaning the oven due to the dust and grease found on it. Believing that the sturdy grease is way too hard to clean, this is why professionals at are providing the step by step guide to clean your oven in a smart manner as discussed below.

Prior to following the step by step guide, it is better to find out what essential products will be needed. In order to smartly clean up the oven, it is essential to have good knowledge about the products that are used for cleaning. One must make sure that no harsh chemical product is utilized for oven cleaning as it may ruin the interior of the oven. Before you get started, choose to have the products in hand as listed below;

  • Scourer
  • Oven cleaner
  • Bags (usually plastic bags)
  • Old toothbrush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Sponges

Step 1- Get started

Having the oven cleaned by oneself is not really an easy task to do as per the research carried out. But when you’ve decided not to take maid services San Diego every week, it is a challenge accepted and at every cost you are looking forward to win it. Before you get started with the cleaning task, please make sure that the oven is switched off and cooled for taking the service. Since cleaning have always been a messy task, it is beneficial to have your old clothes on. With the use of rubber hand gloves, one should also make sure that all the bit of the food spread over the area is cleared.

Step 2- Cleaning the shelves

The shelves within the oven are prone to receive the food that is sometimes burnt or stick as leftover. To have them cleaned, make use of hot soapy water or dip the shelves within hot water and let it soak overnight.   

So do you have shortage of time? Then placing the shelves into the sealing plastic bag and filling it with oven cleaner works wonder.

*Note that you yourself is the sole person responsible for keeping the safety precautions relating to your oven in mind while doing the do it yourself oven cleaning.

Step 3- Cleaning the oven from the inside

Since the use of ovens have increased, the food that remains as leftover may take some time to be cleaned.  Spitting the oven cleaning products over the most affected parts of oven and waiting for a while before rubbing with the sponge could be referred as a worthy act. The oven cleaning products show their power within few time (of course not hours). For areas that are difficult to reach, it is better to make use of toothbrush.

Step 4- Cleaning the oven baking tray

The sturdy grease on the baking tray sometimes take all the time to clean. This is why making use of the right solution is a helpful tip. One of the best ways to do so is soaking the baking tray within sink filled with hot water and scrub it at slower place after a while can bring back its shine. Adding a cup full of bicarbonate of soda within the hot water sink show its effectiveness.

Step 5- cleaning the glass door

When doing the cleaning by yourself and leaving the glass door, this would never reflect the cleanliness within the kitchen. Until the exterior appears to be clean, your kitchen would never shine in the way you may have always wanted. For cleaning the glass of the oven, it is essential to have a soft cloth in hand and the spray bottle filled with the effective mixture.

So now that you are almost done, you should make sure that you take care of few things like not letting the floor dirty by letting the solution split on the floor. Of course it is a hectic job and requires a lot of time and effort. If you feel like you cannot spare enough time, do avail affordable maid services San Diego from the professionals. Have some other cleaning tips to share, mention yours in the box as below!

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