Quick Guide to Fridge Cleaning

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Although cleaning of a fridge is a dreaded task, it is a necessary one. Prior to initiating with the task, you can also consider taking help from your kids or hire maids in San Diego in order to get the cleaning activity done as early as possible. Want to make the activity enjoyable for you? Sing a song or play any kind of music. Below are some of the helpful tips to get fridge cleaning done;

The starting guide

When starting off with the fridge cleaning guide, firstly fill up your sink with hot soapy water and add your favorite cleaner. Now place the thick towel on the counter for the refrigerator shelves in order to dry on and using the towel to dry out the contents. Before you start off with doing the task, empty the fridge. Just wipe away the entire thing and have it out. If you’ve removed the grocery items too, ensure that all the corners of the fridge are clean.        

Place the items on the counter and group them. Now have all the items properly cleaned or change them into the clean storage boxes so that when kept back into the refrigerator, it appears clean and tidy. Consider a picture in your mind and have the proper look. It would be amazing if you start off the project at peace.

Make use of a trash can to clean

It is true that there are numerous things within the home that are irreparable, old and are required to go. The exact thing happens with the refrigerator too. Whenever you sort things bringing it out of the refrigerator, you would find so many expired or useless that the only place they can have is the bin. Even if any product is kept without a proper wrap and you do not remember the time you purchased, it is better to throw it away. If you believe that there is something in the fridge that can be utilized for any specific recipe, then keep in a proper storage box. Knowing that groceries these days are expensive, it is better to find a recipe and use the ingredients if you’ve any.

“Remember to clean everything that sticks whatever leaves stickiness within the refrigerator and ensure to keep it in a container to reflect the cleanliness and tidiness within the fridge.

The final step

Still have some contents on the shelf to be kept within the freezer, make sure you deal with them in the most efficient manner. For stains that have stuck to the inner side of your fridge door, make sure that you consume fabric cloth damped into warm water. If it alone does not work, do take a soft new sponge so that no scratches takes place. Let it air dry.

Once done, make sure that you clean out all the floor so that no one slips when passing by.  

Tips to opt for future cleaning

In order to ensure that the fridge remains clean for a long period of time, opt the tips as below;

  • Keep leftovers in clean storage bags and boxes
  • Make sure that you clean the fridge with a warm cloth every week. Throwing the leftovers can be a solution sometime when not in use.
  • Ensure that you immediately clean up the big spills (if any takes place) at the same time when it happens.

Good luck with your future cleaning processes and manage your cleaning time accordingly. No spare time to do the task? Hire maids in San Diego from kleankasa.com and avail the cleaning benefit according to your budget!

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