How to Clean and Buff Hardwood Floors

When it comes to making a selection for the best flooring in your home, hardwood floorings are referred to as an elegant one. Over the years, these have become one of the popular choices despite of what area one intends to install in. Be it a kitchen, bedroom or the living room, hardwood flooring solution tends to improve the ultimate appearance of the room. One of the greatest benefits for installing it is that it does not acquire dust, especially when compared to carpet flooring.

Hardwood flooring adds a touch of beauty to your home

Believing that installation is a one-time task, it is a need to maintain and care for the heavy investment that have already taken place. It is only referred to as a beautiful asset to the home and therefore requires to be kept clean and buffed.

“They says hardwood floors lose their shine regardless of how often they are swept clean and waxed shiny”

Having scratches on your floor does not always mean that it’s the time to replace it. Not just it is an expensive solution, most of the time it is also an unnecessary time element as well. When you no longer have heavy investment to make once again on your flooring, buffing the hardwood flooring could be considered as a less messy, but an inexpensive available option.

“Buffing the hardwood floor is basically referred to as a process that helps in restoring the original and shiny look of the floor”

Below are some of the exclusive ways that can help in buffing and cleaning your hardwood floor;

Tools required for buffing

Prior to moving towards the process of cleaning the hardwood flooring, the very first thing one can consider is buffing. Since the process of buffing takes place either once or twice in a year, considering it from the financial point of view makes it useless. Hence, the idea of buying a buffer machine is completely a flop. The best option here lies is choosing to take a buffer machine from any rental service provider or ask from maids in San Diego.

Want to do it on your own? Follow the steps as below

  • Clean the entire dust from the floor and let no particle stay before the buffing takes place.
  • With the buffer machine, do the test at first via running it from the center. Please ensure that you do not work out in a haste as the buffer takes a little more time in order to get used to it. Note that hardwood floors take more time in comparison to the other flooring solutions.
  • In order to achieve the best of results, make sure that you use a screen mainly between 100-120 grit.
  • If you have a wax finish done for your hardwood flooring, please make sure that before you buff the floor, it is completely removed. Reapplying the wax after the buffing process can make the floor appear exclusively amazing.
  • Once the buffing ends, now it is the time to clean the floor. In order to do so, vacuum the floor in a proper manner and then dust mop it.

Done with the cleaning thing? It is now the time to apply coating. In order to ensure that this is done efficiently, follow the direction of the manufacturer, i.e. how the coverage can take place per gallon. Working in the sections can easily make the process easier. With the grain, make use of the type of application. Once done with the coating process, continue drying it in order to end the procedure.

Don’t have spare time in doing the task? can provide aid by offering maids in San Diego in fulfilling the task. Have another idea to share with us regarding the cleanliness of hardwood flooring? Write down in the box below as it matters!   

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