Guide to cleaning stainless steel appliances

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Nowadays, the availability of stainless steel appliances in the kitchen have become a necessity. Hence, this makes it crucial to have them properly cleaned in order to maintain their shine and preserve the long-lasting performance. So do you know what the right way is? If you have been trying out certain hacks and failing to achieve your goal at every time, it is high time to hire maids in San Diego from

Where nearly everyone hates having to remove the stainless steel scratches, there are still many more to prefer doing the job by themselves to improve their learning and thereby saving amount to be spent on availing the services. At, we believe that it is not every time when you see the scratches and plan to pick up your phone. This makes our professionals share some really effective tips as post service as below;

Hot water trick

When there are small marks on your stainless steel appliances, it is effective to make use of hot water. Adding the mild detergent to the hot water and having it cleaned with the use of soft towel can help can the marks get off your appliances. Using the soft towel or soft cloth prevents the water spots from appearing on the surface of the appliances.

“In order to have the dust and grime off your stainless steel appliances, it is effective not to make use of abrasive cleaners like steel wool”

Baking soda

Ever wondered how can an ingredient used in the preparation of making food could also help in cleaning stainless steel appliances. Baking soda is also known for being a natural scouring paste. The technique includes making a paste by mixing few tablespoons of baking soda in water and stirring it until it reaches the spreadable consistency. Now apply the paste on the affected area and rub the stubborn spots again using the soft cloth and then rinse away.

Olive oil

When there is dirt on the stainless steel, choosing to get all your stainless steel appliances polished with placing olive oil on the piece of cloth can work wonder. Now you have the chance to restore your beloved kitchen appliances using the supplies already available within your pantry.

“When you’ve chosen to clean out your kitchen grill, it is suggested to switch off the steel gas grill for security purpose”

White vinegar

Making use of white vinegar for the purpose of cleaning the stainless steel appliances within your kitchen is also one of the helpful hacks. This is a simple process of having white vinegar in a spray bottle and sprinkling it over the affected areas and then cleaning away with the use of soft wet towel. It is also crucial to clean it out with the dry soft cloth in order to prevent the water spots and to maintain it’s thorough cleaning and shine.

So whenever you think of doing it yourself, ensure that you do not make use of any harmful chemical or powerful scratch remover. Ingredients in your pantry are enough for you to deal with the dust and grimes on your stainless steel kitchen appliances. Have no time doing it by yourself? Get expert maids in San Diego and maintain the beauty of your kitchen like a brand new one. What tips have you used last month you cleaned your appliances? Anything different than the above mentioned? Do share with us in the comment section below!

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